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Hello, kind visitor!

As you can see, this is my personal website hosted on neocities.

It doesn't have much, and I tried my best to make it look as minimal as possible, since the modern web is ass.

I am working on moving my personal site to Chaox, don't worry the neocities one will still be up, but won't be frequently updated!

Self-hosted onionsite [WIP]: http://lpi6ev2frgkckwh43x4jnoy3gf5yqgoor4a7ibsfcumq6wkgepp5yzid.onion/

Reddit (CRINGE): u/TechGuy_OnTGB

Discord (CRINGE): Ty3r0X#4174

Monero: 49ZuMLhspGjgT5au9S8vo

Email: ty3r0x@elude.in ty3r0x@disroot.org

GPG key: here

ATTENTION! My last GPG key has expired! All future communications will be done with my new key!

XMPP: ty3r0x@ebin.city

Hosted on Neocities

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